Cell Groups

Join a Cell Group today!

Passionate about doing life together, cell groups are smaller, tightly knit communities set in a larger church context. In our cell groups or CGs, we believe in creating a safe space and an environment where we love, support and do life together. CGs also plays a part in strengthening our relationship with God and with people.

We have different CGs to cater for different age groups where we can relate to one another, thus making each CG unique. Typically, CGs meet once a week at church or at a home.

CG is a great place to come, meet and just get to know awesome people in your age group. If you are keen to come and check us out, drop us a PM on Facebook or email us with your name, age, contact number, and we will look out for you and get you connected in the best way we can.

Look forward to meeting you!