New beginnings.

Every generation is called to stand strong in the love and freedom that is found in Jesus Christ and to tell the world about His great love, winning their generation and making disciples for His kingdom. And this still stands true for this generation of young people.

Youth Ministry is a combination of many talents and hearts. Our identity is not found in our ministry name, but by the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins. We believe that this generation is called to stand strong in the love and freedom that is in Christ Jesus.

There are 5 pillars that supports Youth Ministry; Cell Group, Worship, Evangelism, Impact (Missions), and Discipleship & Follow-Up. These pillars are avenues where young people can choose to serve God in as well. So whether you are attending high school, college, or university, Youth Ministry is a place for you. 

We believe that relationship and discipleship are the two most important aspects in the Christian walk and one cannot be without the other. In achieving this, we believe that these five pillars will propel our ministry forward in bringing His kingdom to our generation.

This is who we are. This is Youth Ministry.