Welcome to YM


Welcome to Youth Ministry FGAKL! It is an honour to have you here at home with us. We are a family of vibrant and dynamic young people who are passionate about God and are excited to share His love to all youths, using our God-given talents. Passionate in doing life together, we believe that relationship and discipleship are two of the most important aspects in our Christian walk. 
Do join us at our weekly services, events and Cell Groups to learn more about what we do! We look forward to welcoming you to be part of our big family.


The Antioch Church Vision

It was at Antioch that believers were first called Christians (Acts 11:26). The church turned their world upside-down with people from all walks of life responding to the gospel message. The church as a whole was committed to spreading the gospel. The secret behind it is the Holy Spirit. It was a church that was Holy Spirit-directed (Acts 13:2,5), Holy Spirit-led (Acts 11:23,24), and Holy Spirit – enabled (Acts 11:21).

Vision Statement

A Spirit-filled Church that makes Christ known to all peoples.

Mission Statement

To Evangelise and Raise Disciples across Generations and People Groups.